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17. The right ventricular infarct

17. The right ventricular infarct – March 2015 Treating cardiac chest pain should be relatively easy. Acute coronary syndrome is the accumulation of plaque in coronary arteries, subsequent endothelial injury and clot response in cycle until eventually the clot occludes […]

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21: Unconscious asthma

21. Unconscious asthma – March 2015 One of the most challenging medical patients for the pre-hospital responder to manage is the asthmatic in severe respiratory distress. Assessing respiratory status is a core element of the approach to any patient. With […]

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9: The supraglottic airway

In a few words 9: The supraglottic airway – March 2015 To be able to follow the emergency mantra 101 to maintain a patent airway, a knowledge of all the adjuncts available is important. Where airway reflexes and consciousness are […]

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