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Traumatic hypotension

41. Traumatic hypotension – June 2015 There are many causes of hypotension in multi trauma aside from the obvious haemorrhagic means. Injury to the spinal cord can block sympathetic stimulation to the lower part of the body leading to unopposed […]

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When nature calls

18. When nature calls – June 2015 In a job where the statement ‘you must see some terrible sights’ is common, the calling of nature must surely feature frequently. Without doubt some of those terrible sights do involve normal bodily […]

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Airway care for first responders

5. Airway care for first responders – June 2015 Most patient care clinical guidelines or protocols start with a sentence along the lines of ‘ensure the patient has a patent airway’. Fair enough that would seem. What constitutes a patent airway […]

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