About the author – Jeff Kenneally

Jeff Kenneally has over thirty years experience as a paramedic in a busy and internationally reputed public ambulance system.  The vast majority of this has been as an intensive care paramedic.  He has performed roles including flight paramedic, communications clinician, clinical instructor and extensively as a front line manager.  For four years Jeff was responsible for overseeing the clinical practice guideline development and clinical work instructions for his state ambulance service.  He oversaw the transition to full implementation of evidence based clinical practice guideline development during that time.

Jeff  has been a team leader and training officer for road accident and storm rescue teams in the state emergency service.  He continued his passion for supporting volunteers by writing the 2014-16 ambulance first responder training course.  He lectures to emergency and trauma nurses in prehospital trauma care and is a sought after guest and keynote conference speaker on a variety of prehospital topical themes.

Jeff has a long and established history of developing educational materials.  He has co-authored multiple medical textbook chapters, including Paramedic principles and practice ANZ 2e (Williams and Ross Ed’s), Emergency and trauma care 2e (Curtis and Ramsden) and the text From Basic Care to Rapid Sequence Intubation (Kenneally et al) for prehospital paramedic responders, now in its fifth reprint and the core educational text for advanced airway care in Ambulance Victoria since 2002.  He is the author of the popular Prehospital Practice: Hypothetically Speaking three volume series, now in its second edition and co-editor and author Clinical skills for paramedic practice (Inglis and Kenneally)  He is a University lecturer in paramedicine and medical educator with the RACGP.

With a strong focus on plain language communication, Jeff firmly believes that it is always best to understand and ‘get it’ then add in the more complex medical words later.  The result has been the provision of easy to understand clinical education materials for many years and has continued that philosophy into the materials available on this webpage.

In 2018 he was awarded the Ambulance Service Medal in the Australia day honours

Feel free to send an email to chat, share stories or even ask a question or two.  Try  jeff@prehemt.com anytime.